Welcome to the web home of Atlanta Technical Divers!

If you are a technical diver, cave diver or wreck diver or you are interested in learning about these types of diving, then come on in and look around. This is your kind of place!

Atlanta Technical Divers is a small group of experienced technical diving instructors who are also very active and enthusiastic divers. Unlike some places that have started to offer "tech diver" training; we don't just "talk the talk"; we also "walk the walk" and have been doing so for years.

We decided to join together to create Atlanta Technical Divers not only to share our expertise and enthusiasm for the exciting world of technical diving with our students but also because we share the same philosophy of how a truly competent technical diver is trained.

Like you, we believe that the real fun of all this is actually diving. If you want to get wet and stay wet, then stick with us! Atlanta is really a pretty good place to be a technical diver. Many of the best technical dives in the country (or out of it) are a relatively short drive or a short flight from here. We dive the world-class caves of northern Florida every month. We also do regular advanced wreck diving trips to such wreck diving meccas as North Carolina (The graveyard of the Atlantic), The Florida Keys, and the Florida Gold coast. In addition, we also do periodic cave diving trips to the fantastic cenotes of the Yucatan in Mexico and we are working on even more spectacular destinations for the future. Check out our trips and calendar pages for more information!

We want this website to not only provide you with information about the training and diving opportunities that we offer at Atlanta Technical Divers, we also want it to be a valuable source of information you can use as a technical diver, as well as, a place where you can catch up on what's going on in the tech/cave diving community. If you have any suggestions for content you'd like to see please drop us an e-mail.

Again, welcome to Atlanta Technical Divers! Thanks for stopping by!

The ATD Team

Important Note - Despite what some people may tell you, scuba diving is not safe and technical scuba diving is even less safe. If you participate in this sport you should be aware that no one can guarantee your safety and in the final analysis you have the responsibility for whatever happens to you. If you can't accept this, then you really shouldn't take up technical scuba diving.